Bon Jovi would be proud

Sun April 04 2010 by Christopher

I know people think it was about something else, but Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead Or Alive" was all about bicycles. Steel horse? What else could he have been talking about? That dude is seriously into bikes...

So I'm ready to kick off my "ride three days a week in April" plan this Monday. The "test ride" to work last Monday wasn't half as bad as I feared. It took longer than I expected (1:12), but I'll get faster. This weekend I got panniers so I'll have enough room for clothes and the computer. I also swapped the pedals, as the bearings were starting to go in one of the old ones. Light is charged up in case I'm caught in the dark, and everything is good to go.

I'm using a Garmin 405 to log the mileage, but haven't found the USB key that transfers the data up to the garmin site... I think I know exactly which bag it's in, only problem is I have no idea where that bag is. I'll search for another week before I break down and buy a replacement (but if you've got an extra, please send it my way!)

Oh by the way, thanks LA weather for getting chilly and rainy for my first day riding to work :(