Week 1 - 3 for 3

Sun April 11 2010 by Christopher

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This was the first week to put up or shut up - I committed myself to riding my bike to work at least three days a week in April. It was raining cats and dogs Monday morning and I'd only gotten half a nights sleep due to a vomiting toddler, so I talked myself into driving instead of riding. That meant I was going to be riding two days in a row - I was a little scared...

All in all, it was not half bad. My ride time improved bit by bit (except I took it easy on myself on Friday but was still only like two minutes slower than Thursday!)

With Heather's help I also found my Garmin ANT stick, so if you want to see the gory details the links are below. It was a pretty fun week of riding, and I'm looking forward to riding my bike to work a whole lot more this year. (By the way the bike path along the Orange Line is fantastic!)

Anyone else riding their bike to work? What's it like for you?