Week 2 (redux) - 3 for 3

Sat April 24 2010 by Christopher

Last week I got a cold that totally kicked my ass. I was only able to ride on Monday, and the week went downhill for me after that - so I say this week is a do-over for last week and will stand as my official "week 2"...

It's definitely getting easier to get out the door for the ride. I know the route well enough to never have to think about it, and have figured out the quickest way through a few tricky intersections. Not having to pay attention to the route is nice, I get to space out and think about other stuff and before I know it I'm home!

Monday was tough this week - it was cold (at least cold for me, low 50's). Thursday was cold too but not quite as bad. By Friday the weather had gotten beautiful again, that helps a lot.

With two weeks left I think this is going to be an easy habit to get into. 210 miles commuted so far. I think my next goal will be to commute (by bike) 1000 miles. How many miles should I ride before I treat myself to a new bike :D ?