Fix your brain!

Sun April 29 2012 by Christopher

Can you make yourself smarter?  There's a lot of evidence you can, but it takes a little effort on your part (15 minutes a day is enough to yield pretty significant improvements.)  You can no doubt find something each day that you're spending 15 minutes (or more on) that you can drop, in favor of fixing your brain and making your life a little easier :)

"[...] young adults who practiced a stripped-down, less cartoonish version of the game also showed improvement in a fundamental cognitive ability known as “fluid” intelligence: the capacity to solve novel problems, to learn, to reason, to see connections and to get to the bottom of things. The implication was that playing the game literally makes people smarter."
Can you make yourself smarter?

If you have an iPhone, there's a great FREE Dual N-Back game here.

If you want to try it on your computer, the best one out there is also free.