No news is good news

Wed September 26 2012 by Christopher

"Chances are you have one of the most insidiously dangerous objects ever created ' and one of the State's most powerful tools of domination ' in your living room right now. You may very well have one in your bedroom, too, and in your basement.
It's insidious because most Americans don't think of them as dangerous, nor do they think of them as tools of State domination; otherwise they wouldn't have them in their homes. In fact, most Americans love them. Most can't go a single day without them. You might even say they were addicted to them." (Craig Russel, "Turn It Off")

"The trouble with the news is that everybody knows everything too fast and too often and too many times. News had always been bad. The tiger that lives in the forest just ate your wife and kids, Joe. There are no fat grub worms under the rotten logs this year, Al. Those sickies in the village on the other side of the mountain are training hairy mammoths to stomp us flat, Pete. They nailed up two thieves and one crackpot, Mary. So devote wire service people and network people and syndication people to gathering up all the bad news they can possibly dredge and comb and scrape out of a news-tired world and have them spray it back at everybody in constant streams of electrons, and two things happen. First, we all stop listening, so they have to make it even more horrendous to capture our attention. Secondly we all become even more convinced that everything has gone rotten, and there is no hope at all, no hope at all. In a world of no hope the motto is semper fidleis, which means in translation, "Every week is screw-your-buddy week and his wife too, if he's out of town." (John D. MacDonald/A Tan and Sandy Silence)