Not Quite Abandoned

Mon July 13 2015 by Christopher

Holy smoke it's been almost a year since the last time I added something new here! That is not at all because I haven't had anything new to talk about. Rather, there's been too much going on and I haven't had even half a chance to circle back and write up a blog post.

I do wonder where those folks who write constantly find time. I know when I end up with extra time it either means I can finish doing something I've needed to do to the house (add a new outlet, make a frame for a mirror, build a retaining wall, etc.) or else do something with the kids. Usually that means go exploring with them. Sometimes I have "spare" time at the end of the day but usually if I'm awake, then I'll read.

I DID finally take a little time to convert this blog to Pelican (away from Blogger). Some links might be broken, and I still have a little housekeeping I want to do (like put the content in a git repo and set it to build and publish automatically on each commit for instance). But so far, I think the transition is looking pretty good!

In general though, I'm sorry to say adding new things to the blog is pretty low priority at the moment. Maybe I need to set aside some time once a week to write up some of the interesting stuff I ran across the previous week :)