Barefoot running on the radio

Thu March 18 2010 by Christopher Aedo

On national radio, the editor-in-chief of Runner's World (David Willey) shills for the shoe companies while spreading misinformation. This piece on NPR from last week started promisingly, but the guy doing the story didn't bother to question this statement:
"If you are a very efficient and biomechanically gifted runner, running barefoot could probably work for you."

I was not surprised that the editor of a running magazine (which makes nearly all of it's money from shoe ads) was dismissive of barefoot running. I WAS surprised that the guy from NPR presented Willey as the expert on all things running, and didn't question a single thing he said.

The worst quote, when asked what would happen if everyone chucked their shoes, Willey replies "If a lot of runners - or all the runners out there in America - did that tomorrow, the vast majority of them would get hurt very quickly and would have to stop running for a very long time."

The audio and print story is online at: