Speaking, streaming and brewing

Fri September 08 2017 by Christopher Aedo

Science Hack Day PDX

Tomorrow and Sunday PSU is hosting Science Hack Day PDX. This free to attend avent is going to be a blast, I'm really looking forward to it. I will be there checking out what people are working on, and interviewing them on Twitch. We will likely end up editing together the highlights for later use on https://developer.ibm.com/code/. I expect there will be a bunch of interesting projects in progress so should be super fun.

UPDATE: All the interviews went really well and were super fun, the whole list can be found on YouTube here. I have to admit I had such a good time doing this I am going to try to make a habit of it!

On Monday 9/11 at 9am PDT I will brew beer and talk brewing on Twitch. I'm still a little bit surprised about this one but hopefully it goes well and I have an excuse to do it again one day. Getting paid to brew has always been kind of a dream - maybe I'm not going pro but for one day, it feels pretty close! I decided to brew a Cascadian Dark Ale for the event; I put the recipe up if you want to see what I'm making.

UPDATE: the session went great, and can be found on YouTube here

SeaGL Logo

Finally, I'm super excited to be speaking at SeaGL 2017 in a little more than a month! I also answered a little Q&A about the talk. It should be a lot of fun to talk about my brewing system, and how using a Raspberry Pi has changed how I make beer (and in my opinion gone a long way to improve it).

Hopefully I'll see you at PSU, SeaGL, or online for one of the Twitch streams!