Excuses, excuses...

Mon April 19 2010 by Christopher Aedo

Last week (4/12 - 4/16) I only managed to ride one day:

It was not fun times. It had rained the night before, so the morning was cold and wet (though I know it's nothing compared to the weather you peeps in Chicago get to ride in!) On the way home it was raining for the beginning of the ride, and then I had a headwind for the rest of the ride. I think it was my slowest riding yet.

The next day I woke up with a cold (Heather and Nate had a cold the week before and I though I'd escaped, but I guess not!) Wednesday I felt even worse and ended up taking a sick day. By then I realized there was no chance of putting in three rides this week, so I scrapped it. Looks like I'll be going into May just to make sure I get in four weeks of 3-a-week rides to work :)

At least I rode today - I'm pretty sure this week will be 3 for 3.