Whats On Tap, August 2018

Fri August 10 2018 by Christopher Aedo


I promised to do this whenever something on tap changed but I completely failed to stay on top of that. Instead maybe I'll just do it when ALL the taps have rotated, as I am doing this time!

The Saison is tasty, but came out a little higher gravity than intended. That was the result of a (lucky? unfortunate?) confluence of a higher than expected mash plus really happy yeast.

The Pale was a huge hit, perhaps the best thing on tap this time around. This will probably be the next thing I brew, just to be sure it's on tap at all times.

The ESB was a fun one, brewed in a 10g batch with a friend so he could take a keg with him to an event. It turned out really good and is probably the most easy drinking thing on tap right now.

The last one (C.J.) is my "Conceited Jerk" recipe, which is a clone of Arrogant Bastard that I've been making changes to for ten years. On the taste front it's pretty close, but it's still too dark. This time around I got a lot closer though, except it came out higher ABV than the real thing. Still tastes great and really hits the spot sometimes.