I was lucky to have a talk about brewing beer with Linux, Python and a Respberry Pi chosen for OpenWest 2017. As part of that talk I wanted to put up a quick post with the slides from the talk and links to some of the resources I used. It's also worth taking a look at a previous post about my electric brewery as I include some details and links there as well.

In preparation for the talk I wrote about the system for opensource.com. That turned out to be really popular, and was then mentioned on Hackaday and raspberrypi.org as well. It's probably worth reminding folks to follow me on twitter @docaedo if you want any updates on the next things I'll be doing with the system. It's also a pretty convenient way to reach me if you have questions :)


Next Few Talks in 2017

Fri April 21 2017 by Christopher Aedo


I'm sitting here on a plane headed home, finally, after what has been a pretty long week of travel for work. All of it has been good stuff, and even included the opportunity to share the stage with IBMs Chief Digital Officer Bob Lord. During his quarterly "all hands" town …

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Live on Gitlab

Thu February 02 2017 by Christopher Aedo

Last year when gitlab announced they would offer free site hosting with custom domains (similar to github pages) I decided it was about time I looked into moving this blog. Until today, it had been hosted on a VM running on either Google Compute, OVH, Vexxhost or AWS. I think …

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