OK, that's a sensationalist title and was not the topic of this interview, but resource scarcity and the unbounded growth of world population was discussed. It's absolutely worth putting this on and paying attention. You will immediately be more informed on the stats around the global economy than likely anyone else you know :)

Find the video here and the transcript here.

Interesting quote:

When the price of resources are going down it makes getting -- getting wealthy much easier. And in total the typical commodity dropped by 70 percent over a hundred years. And then it turned on a dime and gave the whole 100 years back between 2002 and 2008. In six years it gave back a hundred years of decline. It went up more steeply than it did in World War II. It's quite amazing no one talked about it, there was no fuss, there was no World War III. 

But suddenly we seem to be running out of cheap resources. And when we look for the reason, incidentally, it seems to be steady population growth and perhaps more importantly, the enormous surge in China, 1.3 billion trying to grow faster than the 20 million South Koreans did 20 years ago, growing their demand for resources at 10 percent a year. And pretty soon you end up with numbers that don`t seem to compute very easily.

China uses 53 percent of all the cement used on the planet -- not traded, just used. They use 47 percent of all the coal, 46 percent of all the iron ore. These are unimaginable numbers. And if they mean to even slow down to seven percent, itmeans 10 years from now we`ve got to find another 47 percent coal, just for China.

Sitting on your ass is killing you

Sun October 21 2012 by Christopher Aedo

This is not the first time I've said don't watch TV, or don't sit at work.  But this new article from NY times references some new studies that make the dangers of lethargy all the more vivid.

"Every single hour of television watched after the age of 25 reduces the …

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No news is good news

Wed September 26 2012 by Christopher

"Chances are you have one of the most insidiously dangerous objects ever created ' and one of the State's most powerful tools of domination ' in your living room right now. You may very well have one in your bedroom, too, and in your basement.
It's insidious because most Americans don't think …

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Better living through chemistry

Wed September 26 2012 by Christopher Aedo

It's absolutely amazing what big pharma gets away with, but it seems like so few people are aware or the least bit concerned.  We might never know how many people Merck & Co. killed with Vioxx (maybe half a million?).  The more you read, the more you find one scary story …

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1984, surveillance framework and your permanent record

Thu August 16 2012 by Christopher Aedo

Now THIS one definitely sounds appropriate for a blog with "conspiracy" in the title!  I've been collecting a bunch of related stories for several months now with the intention of turning it into a blog post.  Sadly I've had way too much other stuff to do lately, so I thought …

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Use your brain; lose your religion

Fri April 27 2012 by Christopher Aedo

Those who know me well will not be surprised to see me share a few articles on this topic.  I've said for years that the most dangerous thing about leading a "faith based" life is that it dulls critical thinking.  In order to live that way, you need to actively …

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