Brewing Beer for IBM

Tue September 05 2017 by Christopher Aedo

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On Monday, September 11th at 9am PDT I'm going to brew beer live on twitchTV! I'm as surprised as anyone that I get to do this during working hours and as part of my job. Really looking forward to this :)

My employer (IBM) is trying to draw attention to some unconventional things us IBMers do with open source software and I think this definitely counts. I've talked about my electric brewery here before. This time I'm going to demonstrate it live, talk a bit about the design, and demonstrate in a generic way how you can use GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi to switch relays on an off.

Hopefully you can join me on 9/11, 9am PDT!

Better living through chemistry

Wed September 26 2012 by Christopher Aedo

It's absolutely amazing what big pharma gets away with, but it seems like so few people are aware or the least bit concerned.  We might never know how many people Merck & Co. killed with Vioxx (maybe half a million?).  The more you read, the more you find one scary story …

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