I try not to post too much political stuff here unless I think it's something useful and interesting. In this case, I've seen this list of bills proposed in the US house of representatives several places. All the times I've seen it however, it's just text (and often on twitter it's an IMAGE of text). No links, no more information, just basically "here are some numbers and scary titles of bills!"

For my own information I wanted to find the actual bills and their titles, initially expecting the titles to be less scary, or the numbers not actually matching up. I guess I expect "fake news" everywhere I look these days. As it turned out, the numbers and titles matched up. The content is pretty scary in my opinion, and represents a push to create an America that is not consistent with the constitution we were founded upon. At least these efforts are in the public and are being recorded for the sake of history. What follows is the list I came across plus links to the actual bill on congress.gov. If for some reason that content is later removed I will update these links to point to their archived versions at the internet archive.

Better living through chemistry

Wed September 26 2012 by Christopher Aedo

It's absolutely amazing what big pharma gets away with, but it seems like so few people are aware or the least bit concerned.  We might never know how many people Merck & Co. killed with Vioxx (maybe half a million?).  The more you read, the more you find one scary story …

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1984, surveillance framework and your permanent record

Thu August 16 2012 by Christopher Aedo

Now THIS one definitely sounds appropriate for a blog with "conspiracy" in the title!  I've been collecting a bunch of related stories for several months now with the intention of turning it into a blog post.  Sadly I've had way too much other stuff to do lately, so I thought …

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Don't trust the marketing!

Sun April 29 2012 by Christopher Aedo

The harder someone tries to sell you something, the more suspicious you should be.  Why don't more people realize that?  When something is truly great it sells itself.  When it doesn't, throw marketing at it!  Got milk?  Seen a McDonalds add lately?

If you've ever wondered why food makers switched …

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