Quick update to the blog about what's on tap these days!

It's been quite a while since the last update. That is mostly because I've been drinking a less lately. Busy, and watching my calories pretty closely while I try to drop a few pounds. Usually that means I don't have room in the intake budget for the extra 200kcal or so. Just the same, it seems criminal to not have beer on tap!

There's still some of that excellent xmas beer left, but probably only a few pints left - it will be gone soon but I will definitely brew that one again when winter comes back around.

The beer on the far left is a little obscured, but it's a N.E. IPA. Sort of. I was experimenting with Imperial's "Juicy" yeast, and dumped a ridiculous amount of hops in during high krausen. At first I thought it turned out great, then a few weeks later I changed my mind. Then a month or two later, and having had a few other NE IPAs, I reconsidered - this beer is really not too bad.

Next is a batch of Sierra Nevada Resilience, a beer they created as a fundraiser for rebuilding after the Camp Fire. They shared the recipe with brewers large and small, and lots of other brewers made their own version. I've never tried one, but I'm going to see if I can find some to sample, and see how close my version turned out.

Finally, my frankenpils - a non-traditional pilsner made with ale yeast. I used Imperial Dry Hop yeast for this batch so it would serve as a yeast starter for the Resilience IPA (which I just pitched right on top of the yeast cake after racking the frankenpils). This one turned out really good, even though it's got a little too high of an ABV to be a reasonable pilsner. Still very drinkable and tasty though!

Whats On Tap, November 2018

Sun November 18 2018 by Christopher Aedo


Sticking with my promise to update the blog when I rotate what's on tap, here comes November's entry.

The last round of beer lasted pretty long. That's due to only having one bbq party, and me drinking less beer these last few months.

First up is another pale ale. Basically …

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Whats On Tap, August 2018

Fri August 10 2018 by Christopher Aedo


I promised to do this whenever something on tap changed but I completely failed to stay on top of that. Instead maybe I'll just do it when ALL the taps have rotated, as I am doing this time!

The Saison is tasty, but came out a little higher gravity than …

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