Week 2 (redux) - 3 for 3

Sat April 24 2010 by Christopher

Last week I got a cold that totally kicked my ass. I was only able to ride on Monday, and the week went downhill for me after that - so I say this week is a do-over for last week and will stand as my official "week 2"...

It's definitely getting …

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Excuses, excuses...

Mon April 19 2010 by Christopher Aedo

Last week (4/12 - 4/16) I only managed to ride one day:

It was not fun times. It had rained the night before, so the morning was cold and wet (though I know it's nothing compared to the weather you peeps in Chicago get to …

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Week 1 - 3 for 3

Sun April 11 2010 by Christopher

elevation profile
This was the first week to put up or shut up - I committed myself to riding my bike to work at least three days a week in April. It was raining cats and dogs Monday morning and I'd only gotten half a nights sleep due to a vomiting toddler, so …

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Bon Jovi would be proud

Sun April 04 2010 by Christopher

I know people think it was about something else, but Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead Or Alive" was all about bicycles. Steel horse? What else could he have been talking about? That dude is seriously into bikes...

So I'm ready to kick off my "ride three days a week in April …

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Shaming myself into fitness

Thu March 18 2010 by Christopher

A few years ago I would occasionally ride my bike to work (25 miles each way). I stopped when we had Nate because there was no way I could get home in time to have dinner with him if I rode. I also got pretty damn lazy the first year …

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Barefoot running on the radio

Thu March 18 2010 by Christopher Aedo

On national radio, the editor-in-chief of Runner's World (David Willey) shills for the shoe companies while spreading misinformation. This piece on NPR from last week started promisingly, but the guy doing the story didn't bother to question this statement:
"If you are a very efficient and biomechanically gifted runner, running …

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About Christopher Aedo

Fri February 26 2010 by Christopher Aedo

For the longest time, this site has had no "about" page. It's Christopher Aedo's personal blog, so it's not very professional or career oriented. Just the same, there are plenty of useful tech-related posts sprinkled in here and there (so there's definite bleed-over between private and professional stuff).  In addition …

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Mashing with steam

Thu August 20 2009 by Christopher Aedo

I've been brewing beer for a little while now, and have been having a lot of fun with it. As it seems to go with all my hobbies I just kept escalating, expecting to eventually have a huge crazy brewing setup (aka "brew sculpture") with three computer controlled burners, multiple …

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shoes are bad!

Wed August 19 2009 by Christopher Aedo

EXCELLENT book, probably one of the best I've read recently:
Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seenbook

Good article (shoes are bad!), Popular Mechanics says so!

Another good article (seriously, shoes are bad!), Popular Science agrees!

[UPDATE: Some interesting links …

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Homebrew Primer

Wed August 19 2009 by Christopher Aedo

I wrote this up for my friend Moshe, and have since forwarded it to probably five or six people who are interested in brewing their own beer. I thought I might as well put it up here, should make it a lot easier for me to share!

WOW, here's my …

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